About Us

Our Passion

At MicroPen Technologies, we are passionate about developing innovative products. Products that save lives. Products that change markets. Products that aren’t products without us. Over the years, we have collaborated with a range of product developers to restore heart beats, change the battlefield, explore the universe, and more.

We don’t see ourselves as pioneers of MicroPen® technology, we see ourselves as pioneers of its many uses. Our experience has proven that each new application has its own set of challenges. That’s why our engineers, materials scientists, and application experts work hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure product success.

We believe that the value of a flowable material is dependent on its presence, behavior, and life on a surface. Presence relates to how the material is applied to the substrate. Behavior relates to the function that the material is to perform. Life refers to the adhesion of the material to the surface. This is our world—the world of materials, surfaces, and patterns that come together to create breakthrough products.