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Our History

The origin of Micropen Technologies Corporation was a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) project in 1979 whose objective was to create a rapid prototyping system for making thick film hybrid microcircuits. The project culminated in the development of a system that dispensed electronic inks in precisely controlled line widths and thickness onto cermet surfaces. At the time, screen printing was an effective process for long production runs of hybrid circuits, but very costly and labor intensive in the design and prototyping phase. A new "direct writing system" was the solution. The Micropen® direct writing system was born. A patent was filed and, subsequently, granted.

In order to take advantage of the commercial value of the invention, Dr. Franklyn M. Collins, then President of the company, together with a small group of investors, founded Micropen®, Inc. in March 1982. The company continued the development of the Micropen® system, transitioning from a lab printing system to a commercially viable manufacturing printing system. The first system was sold in 1984 and sales of the Micropen® printing system grew steadily for the next eight years.

Dr. Collins, who had extensive experience in designing and fabricating custom, precision resistors whose properties could not be achieved by existing techniques. In 1992, the Board of Directors of Micropen®, Inc. agreed to a strategic change of direction for the company. That was to design and manufacture specialized resistors with unique electrical properties. In addition, the Board decided to change the name of the company to Ohmcraft, Inc. A patent for the FineFilm® product and process was filed and, subsequently, granted in 1996. Ohmcraft, Inc. began operations as a custom, high voltage, high value resistor company. For the last twenty years, the Ohmcraft resistor business has steadily grown to a leadership position in the design, manufacture and sale of high voltage chip resistors.

In 2003, the company was ready to address the second market finding from its Micropen® printing system sales days, that being, the ability to print precise lines with functional materials on non-planar and 3-D surfaces. The company aimed this capability at the medical device market the preference for minimally invasive procedures called for substrates that were soft, bendable, and inflatable. Further, there was an emerging focus on precision and cost that suited the Micropen® technology. The company invested in attracting material scientists, biomedical engineers, design and application engineers as well adding four axis capabilities to the Micropen® printing system. Today, the company has achieved a leadership position as an outsourced design, development and manufacturing company in the medical device market focusing on the cardiovascular, nerve monitoring, neuro-stimulation and electrosurgery market segments. The integration of materials science, engineering and the Micropen® electronic printing (known as Micropenning® in collaboration with customers has resulted in some of today's most innovative electronic and medical products. Today, the company is organized into two operating businesses:

  • Ohmcraft - the custom, high voltage resistor business
  • Micropen Medical - the outsourced design, development and manufacturing business for the medical device market